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Silver Spring Neighborhood Center Alumni Honoree: Denise White

"One of my mottos now is living well for less. It takes a lot of work, but you can do it."

         -Denise White, 2013 SSNC Alumni Award Honoree


The Silver Spring Neighborhood Center's mission is to build a safer, stronger neighborhood and community. They've been an important presence on Milwaukee's northwest side since 1958.


Each year, the SSNC recognizes the Center's alumni that have gone on to become leaders in their community. One of the 2013 Honoree's is Denise White. She went to the center looking for an exercise class. What she found was so much more.


As a single mom of a 2 year old and going through a divorce, the SSNC recommended a Positive  Parenting class. "That's a community center that helps the family as a whole," says White. "You don't attend a class and then you're off and out the door. Those programs allow you to move on in life and get to a better place."


Denise White is a Senior Analyst at Northwestern Mutual, but she says her job is just one aspect of who she is today. Her passion for helping others in the community is inspirational. Since leaving the Positive Parenting class in the 80's, she's been a member of the Speaker's Bureau, president of the School Board, served on the board of a homeless shelter and volunteered at the United Way. Through it all, she's never forgotten her experience at SSNC. "My goal right now is to set up their game room," says White. "They're always in need of toys."


If you would like to help Denise and the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, check out her Facebook page here.