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This Could Be The 'Hottest' Film of The Year: A Film About Sriracha

A lot of great films are coming out in 2013, but none can compare to one of the 'hottest' films due out this September.  Why is it so hot, you ask?  It is a documentary about that cult-favorite condiment Sriracha also known as "Rooster Sauce." Actually, Sriracha has moved beyond the foodie inner-circles and into mainstream culture (Remember the Lay's Potato Chip contest featuring the Sriracha flavor entry).

An Illinois-based filmmaker by the name of Griffin Hammond is now taking the sauce to the big screen with a forthcoming documentary.  However, there is not much footage yet for the film.  Hammond did put together a video explaining the filming process.  Would you go see this documentary when it is released?


Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee