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Roy Ayers and Mos Def "Live In Brooklyn Baby"

This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are breaking down the samples of Mos Def's 1999 solo debut BLACK ON BOTH SIDES.  A complex hip hop record, this album's tracks are woven together into a beautiful LP.  Mos Def brought Ge-ology on board for the creation of the track "Brooklyn".



A unique arrangement for a hip hop track, this song has three movements.  The first contains a sample taken from Milt Jackson's "What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life".



The second movement of this song contains a sample from Ray Ayer's classic "We Live In Brooklyn, Baby".



The last sample is a nod to the late Notorious BIG's track "Who Shot Ya", with a sample from the song "I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over" by David Porter 



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