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Sound Travels Tonite! Sinkane, Painted Caves, Bumbac Joe & Me @ Mad Planet



Yes you...did you know about the show that's probly gonna steal the title of "best show of the week?" Well, you're forgiven; for now.

While there is no such official distinction, I'm making it because I put the in-studio calendars together and get to peer into future's murk for the signs and signifiers of good times and I see no show with more potential to amaze than the one going down at Mad Planet tonight. 

Tonight, Tap The Masses presents  Sinkane is headlining an impressive and worldly bill that also includes Milwaukee's own Painted Caves, Bumbac Joe and me ( Marcus Doucette) at Mad Planet (533 E Center St) in a 21+ show that starts at 8pm. What's a Sinkane you ask?

Broklyn-based Sinkane is the Sudanese son of two college professors, he moved to the United States with his family at the age of five to escape the country's fomenting political violence of the late 1980s. The family moved around a bit, and Gallab eventually settled in Columbus, Ohio, when he was 18, where he fell in with the city's hardcore punk music community. He later found work as a session musician of some demand, drumming and serving as a multi-instrumentalist for Yeasayer, Caribou, Of Montreal, Born Ruffians, and Eleanor Friedberger.  -from Pitchfork



More than that, Sinkane makes a form of music that carries the seed of afrobeat in its warm beating heart. Though indie music is the look of the picture he paints, world music is the sonic pallette from which he draws. The new album Mars, dropped in late October of last year but the vibe is just right in this protracted spring we're in. The eight song release is that autumn acorn that may go full oak tree, there's that much potential here. Plus, it has that summer vibe we all need on days like these.

If you were thinking of showing up late, fuhgetaboutit! Also on the bill, Milwaukee's Painted Caves, whose self-titled debut has been a strong release for us at 88nine and in the mix on Sound Travels as well. Painted Caves is fronted by Ali Lubbad and he leads a very talented broup that makes music steeped in middle-eatern mysticism, at least it sounds that way, and I sort of feel like I'm being led into a trippy vision-quest whenever I hear them play live. Captivating.



If you get there at 8pm (suggested!), you can peep Bumbac Joe and his bag of futuristic Latin funk flavors. He's a producer of some merit as well, having just won an open competion to remix music from Jose James' latest album in addition to being my favorite Venezuelan ex-pat of all time! Then there's that Marcus Doucette guy...he'll be there too (bring yo' afro-feet for some afro-beat!).



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