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414 Music: Ethan Keller (June 2013)

Ethan Keller keeps pushing. This makes me happy, knowing he's out there, recording music, touring in obscure venues in even more obscure towns across the country, with loop pedal and an acoustic guitar. His new album "Goin Down in History, Goin Down in Flames" has a few songs that have the road on the mind, and you can tell he's been reflecting on a music career of almost 20 years. The album is out now. It's the first full length for him since 2006. 

I was thrilled to have him in. The conversation is candid and reflective...something that doesn't happen often enough on 414 Music. It was less of an interview, more of a conversation.

Ethan Keller
Tonight at Club Garibaldi

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee