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Sound Travels Sunday...South African Jive Vibes

Wrapping up a weekend edition of Sound Travels right after what might be reasonably called the first real summer weekend here in the Mil with a bit of what I played for you all on the Sound Travels Mixtape. A vintage set of jazz, funk and a South African style called Mbaqanga. Mbaqanga is influenced by many things, particularly Jazz but at its heart, it is quintessential soul music from South Africa's Townships. Dope music...


Miriam Makeba "Click Song Number 1" Pata Pata
Solven Whistlers "Something New In Africa" 
Mahlathini & The Queens "Umkhovu"
S. Piliso & His Super Seven "Kuya Hanjwa"
Soul Brothers "Bayeza" John Armstrong Presents South African Funk Experience
The Big Four "Wenzani Umoya"
Kataki "Hula Hoop Jive"
Intombi Zephepha "Ingoina Le Nyathi"
Mahotella Queens "Asambeni Bafana    " 
Izintombi "Zesi Manje Manje" Omzala Bakho    From Marabi to Disco
Amentkentshane "AngisenabA"
Big Four "Mr. Music" From Marabi to Disco
Boyoyo Boys "Tsotsi" From Marabi to Disco
Mahlathini "Jive Makgona" Jive Soweto (The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 4)
The Editions "U Jojo" 
J.J. Chauke "Madyisa Mbitsi" John Armstrong Presents South African Funk Experience
Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens    Isomiso "Isomiso"
Hugh Masekela    "Za Labalaba" The Chisa Years
The Special Five "Nangu Lostosti"
Amentkentshane "Isikhwele Sakho Siyamangaza" Soweto Street Music 
J. K. Mayengani And The Shingwedzi Sisters "KhubanI"

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