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Gabriel Moura Is Pretty Awesome, Actually

And I'm speaking from my gut here, but Gabriel Moura's new album, Karaoke Tupi 2 feels a lot like the time I came across a then-unknown artist by the name of Seu Jorge. Similarities between the two are numerous and the fact that Moura has written songs for Seu Jorge (among others) only confirmed my suspicions of his awesomeness.

Moura started his nearly 30-year career in music at the tender age of 12 as a singer-songwriter in Rio De Janeiro. Telented, with a capital "T," Gabriel Moura went on to study music in secondary school and started teaching soon after, beoming an assistant band leader under Jorge Gabriel before he'd even completed his degree.  Things got interesting when his mentor, Jorge Gabriel went to Lisbon chasing his own dreams and handed the reigns over to his young apprentice. 

Gaining valuable experience and inspiring the trust of his mentor, Moura was primed for success even before his mentor returned. Jorge Gabriel returned a new man, now named Seu Jorge, and on the rise after a stellar international debut. Seu Jorge's work is pretty well known, but his protege should be as well. Clearly, the two share sweet vibes and can control the crowds that come to see them play. The only difference is that Moura's international debut has only just begun. 

Karaoke Tupi 2 is actually Moura's second album, but surely the first most have ever seen. His music has much in common with Seu Jorge's samba-soul music. Though not unique, it's very well played and was a bit of a surprise for me because I am always on the lookout for funky Brazilian music. I'm over it though, and totally sold; trust me when I tell you Gabriel Moura's got the goods. Just listen...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee