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Labels We Like: Nacional Records! + Free Music

The feature for Sound Travels on Thursday was a massive shout out to one of my favorite record labels; Nacional Records. Many of you are probly like I used to be, ignoring the labels that many of my favorite artists record for. While working in radio has cured me of that bad habit, perhaps it still happens to you... In any case, I wanted to share some music from one of the more important labels working with world music, particulary modern Latin sounds as well as link you to their new summer sampler, which is totally free for the computer savvy and the link is below.



Nacional Records was founded in 2005 by Tomas Cookman and is based out of North Hollywood. Cookman is the president and owner of Cookman International, a company that manages artists, publishing, marketing, special events such as the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC),original content (La Hora Nacional TV show on MTV Tr3s and weekly radio show, LAMC Mixtape on SiriusXM) and the Latino Loop (a weekly industry newsletter emailed to over 100,000 tastemakers). Truly, a driving force and a face for those that make tastes.



Since their debut, Nacional has been doing the good work, breaking new Latin artists and in the process a few stereotypes about Latin music in general. Some of the best, most visionary Latin artists have found a home on a label that really seems to not only understand what works but how to guide a scene that for me, seemed to lack a driving force or cohesivity before they came into frame.



As you heard today, the palette is broad; from cumbia to rock to electronic to funk and any of the many hues Latin music can come in. Home to well-known acts like Manu Chao and Andrea Echeverri, and up and comers like French-Chilean rapstress  Ana Tijoux, indie funk-punks  La Vida Boheme, Miami's  Elastic Bond and Thievery Corporation vocalist  Natalia Clavier. The future is bright. And even better, it's been compiled on a free compilation out now and exclusively on Amazon. GET IT HERE!



Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee