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Polica Feat. Justin Vernon Release Song "Tiff" and Violent Video To Match

Polica's new single "Tiff" can be summed up in one word: sultry. Violent, eerie, yet unavoidably seductive, frontwoman, Channy Leaneagh's, devilish harmonies send you spiraling into a trance and just as you think it can't get any better, the beloved Justin Vernon decends from the heavens to form a perfect blend of ghostly yet angelic vocals. My only complaint is that this song is too short. 

This song's painful lyrics are met with an even more painful music video. Leaneagh, who describes the video as "a portrait of a woman as her own worst enemy," gruesomely tortures herself. Really, she beats herself to a pulp. It seems to reflect something we tend to do (mentally), and I think that's the point. 

The song is off the new album Shulamith which will be realeased this fall through Mom+Pop


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