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The "Don't Change" Break

The world of music lost an legend this past month. Clarence Burke Jr., the lead singer of the Five Stairsteps, best-known for the hit “O-o-h Child,” died Sunday May 26th. He had turned 64 the day before. He and his 4 brothers and sisters were known at the “the first family of soul,” a moniker later adopted by the Jackson 5.

All this week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are going to explore the music of the 5 Stairsteps and the ways they have been sampled.  Our first selection is the song "Don't Change Your Love".  Known in the beat production world as the "Don't Change Break", this song has been sampled for decades.

This drum break has been used in some of my favorite hip hop songs over the past 30 years.  Here are a few examples of this sample...

A Tribe Called Quest-

Show Biz and AG

Naughty By Nature

This break was even used last year on Kendrick Lamar's album


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