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YMCA diabetes prevention program

The YMCA of Metro Milwaukee is partnering with a national organization to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Not Me” is a mobile screening clinic which tours the country, and in June, stopped in Milwaukee.

City employee, Angie Ward is one of dozens of who signed up for the free test.  

"It gives you an opportunity to be proactive versus being reactionary to it," Ward said.

For those who showed signs of diabetes, the YMCA enrolled them into a year-long prevention program that is free through insurance or at a reduced cost for the uninsured.

The program includes weekly discussions, a personal coach and weigh-ins meant to encourage a 7 percent weight loss.

"79 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes, and around 11 percent know this," said Meg Radowski, the Diabetes Prevention Program Director for the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee.

That’s why Radowski recommends getting tested for pre-diabetes. For those without insurance, commercial pharmacies like Walgreens offer low-cost testing.  

Pre-diabetics can take simple steps to prevent the disease, such as eating healthier and exercising more Radowski said.

For more information about the diabetes prevention program at the YMCA visit the official website.