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M.I.A. Premieres "Bring The Noize" Video

This morning M.I.A, AKA Maya Arulpragasam, unleashed the music video for her second single from the upcoming  Matangi album "Bring The Noize" on Noisey. Ever since we recieved the audio last week, I haven't been able to get past that absolutely banging drum beat. And as usual, M.I.A. does not dissapoint with this video. If you can call it a premise, it's basically centered around a group of people coming to get crunk at an underground white party. Some the amazing imagery we're treated to is a sick collection of retro, white cars, a close-up of some classic white Reeboks, this crazy, interwoven hairstyle that I hope to God is not a wig, a glowing cow (possibly reflecting her Hindu faith?), some flashy, gold what I assume are press-on nails, a dude snacking on an ice cream cone, people bathing their faces in some sort of vapor, some strobing projections, and a dope gold foil overlay effect to top it all off. You're welcome:

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