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Living The Highlife... Dr. Victor Olaiya

A tasty slice of African highlife to start your day on Sound Travels. If you've never heard afrobeat, you might want to come out of your cave. The sound is like sunlight, and the sun that birthed this particular style is a form of music known as highlife. Not only is highlife the mother of all afrobeat, the 3-2 clave motif employed in highlife also makes this sound a sister to almost all forms of Latin music and the lineage is rumba.

Go figure. It's also a very tropical sound, and the heat and humidity of the day today in Milwaukee just put me in the mood to play a cut for you. I went with a tune from Nigerian trumpeter Dr. Victor Olaiya, known as the "Evil Genius of Highlife," his highlife was a little bit out of this world, beyond explanation. He was extremely popular in his native country in the 50's and 60's though relatively unknown outside of it despite being a founding father of modern Nigerian music. 

You know me, I like th good stuff and "Trumpet Highlife" definitely is that...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee