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New Video from David Byrne and Jherek Bischoff

The music of Jherek Bischoff might be a little out of most of our radars. Typically composers fall under the yawn rendering category of "classical" inevitably getting passed on by everyone but your high school band teacher. But, on his 2012 release Composed, Bischoff gained the ears of the attentive by featuring music god David Byrne on the first track  Eyes. Languid violins meet the Byrnes listliss delivery to create something that is charming, sophisticated, and comforting. Yesterday the video for the song was released. Close-up shots of various facial features and stringed instruments pull you in as a silver mained David Byrne sings in front of a black backdrop, solidifying him as the artist/singer/genius that he is. 


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee