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Album Review | BRONCHO: Can't Get Past the Lips

Can’t Get Past the Lips is actually 2 years old, but since it’s due for a re-release this year through BRONCHO’s new label Fairfax Recordings, I figured I’d write up a review for it. Especially considering this punk outfit is primed to explode a bit in the coming months.


The group brings back those gritty sounds of the late 1970s to create an album that lands somewhere around 20 minutes long. It’s a quick listen that never let’s up with it’s catchy riffs and leaves you feeling extremely satisfied at the end of it all. It really is hard not to chant along with the band during songs like “Pick a Fight,” “Blown Fuse.” And like all good punk rock, the lyrics are elementary enough, the rhythms are adequately simple, and the solos and fills are fast and fun, making it extremely approachable for anyone looking to let their hair down a little.


If I was forced to pick a stand-out track, I’d have to go with “I Don’t Really Want to Be Social.” It’s got a great little hook and is definitely poppy enough where someone would have to be a liar to tell you they didn’t at least like it a little bit. Although, “Try Me Out Sometime” is definitely an honorable mention.

It’s great to see bands like this returning to the roots that made punk rock great during the days of the Ramones, and I can only hope that we see more groups do the same in the future.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee