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Art on Fond du Lac

Public art projects are popping up in neighborhoods all over the city. This summer, Milwaukee's largest-scale project Art on Fond du Lac is so extensive; it has its own map.


The year long project runs down Fond du Lac Avenue from 17th to 37th Street in Milwaukee. It's is a collaborative effort between neighborhoods, the City of Milwaukee, artists, sponsors and community partners. It started to take shape in early Spring of 2012 when the Johnson's Park Neighborhood Initiative contacted local non-profit IN:SITE to help them organize a temporary public art installation.


A year later, 10 lead artists were paired up with the project to help bring the vision to life. One of those artists, Robert Byrd, grew up around the area and is now using his artistic skills to bring new life to the front of the Sherman Park Community Center. Years ago, he was out on the streets, getting in trouble. Now, he focuses his time on art and community. "Life is 100% about balance. What we perceive as negative experiences are only there to compensate for positive experiences," says Byrd. "If you don't have negative you can't appreciate the positive."


Learn more about IN:SITE's Art on Fond Du Lac project online at