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To Spain on a train... flamencology

Yesterday, amid breaking news of one of Spain's deadliest train accidents, I decided I was gonna had to play some music from Spain. We went classic at the start with a tune from one of my favorite flamenco singers, Camarón de la Isla.  Not only my favorite, he's one of the all time greats and regularly performed with golden-noted guitarists Paco de Lucia and Tomatito. I played "Volando Voy" at around 10am for our Sound Travels trip and it's as poetic as it is amazing:

volando voy, volando vengo
Flying I go, flying I come

Por el camino yo me entretengo
Along the way I amuse myself

Enamorado de la vida que aveces duele
In love with life that sometimes hurts

Si tengo frio busco candela
If I’m cold I look for fire

Señoras y señores sepan ustedes
Ladies and gentlemen, know

Que la flor de la noche
That the flower of the night

Para quien la merece
(Is) For he who deserves it

Yo no soy quien soy ni los que me quieren
I’m not who I am nor those who love me

Y vola volando voy volando vengo vengo
And Flying I go, flying I come

At 11am I played another flemenco tune from an artist I've only just discovered. Manzanita was the stage name of Jose Ortega Heredia, the son of Andalusian Gypsies with flamenco flowing in his blood being the son of a flamenco singer and dancer. He was playing in clubs by the time he was nine and epitomized the gypsy life of the flamenco star. He briefly quit making music in the 90's only to come back and record a bit more before he passed in 2004.

Sorry I never knew you Manzanita. I guess the same is true for the scores of commuters that lost their lives in the train crash. 


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