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Just a quick question...

Pretty freakin' awesome. Actually.

Though I can answer this question, as I own many of the rare sides produced by the evil funk genius of Nigeria's most-bootlegged funketeer, William Onyeabor is for most of you, a riddle wrapped around an enigma buried in the heart of a fake fortune cookie filled with pure funk. And now, it seems Luaka Bop has scored something of a coup by becoming the first record label to ever gain the licensing rights to Onyeabor's music. In the process, putting you in a good place to find out how funky this cat really is. Luaka Bop will celebrate Its 25th anniversary with World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?, finally posing the question even as they answer it. 


If you liked that one, here's one that might be even better...

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