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Hey Marseilles gets personal!!

Seattle band Hey Marseilles answers our patented 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test in our Lollapalooza interview. Hey Marseilles was the second band that we administered the test to, and in both instances you get a great feeling of the band's dynamic, how they fit together, and work together. It is a lot of fun. Listen to the interview just below. 



Results from the Personality Test Here! If you have yet to take the test, click here!

The 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test with Sam and Matt of Hey Marseilles

Beatles or Stones-----------------------------------------------------------Both: Beatles

Country or City---------------------------------------------------- Matt: City Sam: Both

Mad Men or Breaking Bad---------------------- Matt: Breaking Bad Sam: Neither

Fame or Fortune--------------------------------------- Matt: Fortune Sam: Influence

Budweiser or Pabst-----------------------------------------------------------Both: Pabst

Steak or Sushi------------------------------------------------------------------Both: Sushi

Optimist or Pessimist------------------------------ Sam: Optimist Matt: Pragmatist

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain-----------------Both: Anthony Bourdain

Lover or Fighter---------------------------------------------------------------Both: Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album-------------------------------------------Both Buy it

Good or Evil---------------------------------------------------------------------Both: Good

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest---Both: Velvet Underground

Any Poehler or Tina Fey-------------------------------------------------Both: Tina Fey

Pepsi or Coke---------------------------------------------------- Sam: Coke Matt: Pepsi

Introvert or Extrovert---------------------------------------------------Both: Introvert

Mac or PC------------------------------------------------------------------------ Both: Mac

Heartbreaker of Heartbroken----------- Sam: Heartbreaker Matt: Heartbroken

Sweet or Salty------------------------------------------------------------------Both: Salty

Rain or Shine (it was raining)----------------------------------------------Both: Rain


BONUS VIDEO: Hey Marseilles video for their song, Bright Stars Burning 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee