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Lollapalooza interview with Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong is a rarity in electronic music. not only does he create idiosyncratic beats, over them he lays well written lyrics that delve deeper than just a bass drop. In our exclusive interview with him, he tells us about starting electronic songs on acoustic guitar, the future theremin, and he takes the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test.

Listen to the full interview here.




Robert DeLong takes the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test

Beatles or Stones-------------------------------------------------------------------Beatles

Country or City----City

Mad Men or Breaking Bad----Mad Men

Fame or Fortune-Fame

Budweiser or Pabst---Pabst

Steak or Sushi----Sushi

Optimist or Pessimist-----Optimist

Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain-----Zimmern

Lover or Fighter----Lover

Buy an album or Burn an album-----BURN the album

Good or Evil-----Both in moderation

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest----Tribe

Any Poehler or Tina Fey----Tina Fey

Pepsi or Coke---Coke

Introvert or Extrovert----Extrovert

Mac or PC----Mac

Heartbreaker of Heartbroken----Heartbreaker

Sweet or Salty----Salty


BONUS: Robert Delong's video for his hit song  Global Concepts



Double bonus: If you have not been keeping up on fellow intern Josh's daily re-caps, they are really worthwhile and well written pieces. Check out his day two re-cap here.

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