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Skaters talk to us about smoking cigarettes in Hebrew School, puking in the early morning, and how much they hate Santana.

When the band Skaters walked through the press tent, they definitely turned heads. They had a style unto themselves. Ripped up, faded, and rolled up jeans, with either oversized or undersized t-shirts, high top Converse shoes from the early ‘90s, and hip sunglasses to boot, I didn’t know who they were, but I know I wanted to talk to them. It made sense when I heard that they were the band Skaters, a garage pop group of British blokes that have a punk sensibility and a too-cool-for-school attitude. The word around the press tent was that they were not answering a straight question, especially about their music. When one station asked them about a possible new album, they went on about how much they all wanted to the bassist from HAIM. So, I didn’t give them a straight question about it. Personally, I love when bands refuse to take themselves or the press seriously, and we had a lot of fun in this interview.

FULL unedited interview here. WARNING: explicit material


Abridged transcript here

Interview with Skaters

JB: Where were you the first time you smoked a cigarette?

Skaters: Outside of my Hebrew school.

JB: How old were you?

Skaters: I had to be under 13, because once you get Bar Mitzvah you never go back

JB: What is the worst show you ever saw?

Skaters: Well, I saw Phil Collins once

JB: Yuck

Skaters: No, the worst show I ever saw was Santana, and that guy can go f*** himself.

JB: What is the first album you ever bought?

Skaters: Run DMC-King of Rock; De La Soul- De La Soul is Dead

JB: Those are really good, people usually have terribly embarrassing ones.

JB: When was the last time you threw up?

Skaters: Probably this morning

Kallao: Do you know how to dance now? (Their single is called I Wanna Dance (but I don’t know how)

Skaters: No

JB: On to the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality test.

Skaters take the Test. Josh, Michael, Daniel, Noah

Beatles or Stones--------Noah: Either, or Everyone else: Beatles

Mad Men or Breaking Bad---All: Breaking Bad

Fame or Fortune: All: Fortune

Budweiser or Pabst---Noah: Neither Everyone else: Budweiser

Optimist or Pessimist--- Josh, Michael, and Daniel: Optimist Noah: Pessimist

Lover or Fighter---Josh: Lover Michael: Lover? Daniel:Both Noah: Lover

Good or Evil—Noah: Good Michael: Good evil Daniel and Noah: Good

The Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest: All Velvet Underground Noah says because they had good beats, but poor lyrics

Pepsi or Coke----All:Coke

Heartbreaker of Heartbroken—Josh: Always Michael-Breaker Daniel: Breaker Noah: Broken

Sweet or Salty Josh: Sweet Michael: SweetDaniel: Salty Noah: Sweet


BONUS: Skaters video for thier single  I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)

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