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Lollapalooza interview with Guards

Guards is fronted by female vocalist Kylie Church who sings over anthemic buzzing guitars that lead for a fantastic start to Lollapalooza on Sunday morning. After seeing them in Milwaukee, opening for Portugal. The Man, I knew that I just had to interviw this group. We got into Lollapalooza '96, and of course, the 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality test. 

88Nine Radio Milwaukee Personality Test

Kaylie and Richie of the band Guards


Beatles or Stones------------------------------------------------------------- Kaylie:Beatles Richie: Stones

Mad Men or Breaking Bad-------------------------------------------------------------------Both: Mad Men

Fame or Fortune-----------------------------------------------------------------Both: Fortune

Pabst or Budweiser------------------------------------------- Kaylie:Pabst Richie: Budweiser

Steak or Sushi------------------------------------------------------ Kaylie:Sushi Richie: Steak

Optimist or Pessimist--------------------------------------------------------------------------Both: Optimist

Andrew Zimmer or Anthony Bourdain-----------------------------------------------------Both:Bourdain

Lover or Fighter------------------------------------------------ Kaylie: Lover, no, wait, both Richie: Both

Buy an album or Burn an album-----------------------------------------------------------------Both: Buy it

Good or Evil---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaylie:Evil Richie: Good

Velvet Underground or A Tribe Called Quest-------------------------------Both: Velvet Underground

Amy Poehler or Tina Fey--------------------------- Kaylie: Tina Fey Richie: Tina Fey, no, Amy Poehler

Pepsi or Coke-------------------------------- Kaylie: Neither, but, I guess coke Richie: Definitely Coke

Introvert or Extrovert---------------------------------------- Kaylie: Extrovert Richie: Little bit of both

Mac or PC------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kaylie: Mac Richie: Both

Heart breaker or Heartbroken------------------------- Kaylie: I don’t know, I’m too nice. Broken Richie: Broken Breaker

Country or City-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Both:City

Sweet or Salty------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Both:Sweet


BONUS: Guards song I Know It's You

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