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Some South African gospel house, global funk and more flavors; A Sound Travels roundup

Got the day started on Sound Travels with a nice South African tune from a little known group called Mina Nawe. Their sound is all kwaito with a tinge of gospel. Their music features various other genres - gospel, house, traditional South African music, etc. Their second album, Njalo, was apparently a major hit in South Africa but it was this one from their 2007 album Stronger that got my attention.




Also replayed the Sound Travels Global 70's mixtape from earlier this year on the Sunday mixtape...Got it here if you missed it the first (or second) time.



Forgive me for not getting this up yesterday, been trying to get some work out of the way before we move to our new building and it got pushed a little bit to the side. But if you missed Monday's Sound travels, here's the tracklist...

10am -  Horace Andy "Spying Glass" - A song Horace Andy would re-record with Massive Attack and would in turn spark renewed interest in his work, here in its original form from his classic album Dance Hall Style.



11am - Da Lata "Um Amor a Mais" - Newest single from their forthcoming album, the first new work from the band in 10 years.



Noon - Mbiri Young Stars "Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe" - My favorite cut from my favorite compilation of African music for 2013; the amazing Kenya Special release on Soundway Records.



1pm - Red Baraat "Halla Bol" - Last and not least is the tune from the pan-brass band Red Baraat who will be in Milwaukee on the 27th of August at the Marcus Center For The Perfoming Arts. I'll be playing more of their music leading up to their show...



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