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Latin rock legend Andrea Echeverri's new album...

All new, all day that's how Sound Travels on Wednesdays. Flow started at 10am with a rootsy tune from Andrea Echeverri, perhaps the single most important musician for the sound we now call Latin Alternative. Her foundation is her resume and the success she built with Hector Buitrago in their band Aterciopelados back in the heady and innovative days of Colombia's rock en español scene. Aterciopelados was among the first bands in the early 90's to attract international attention and praise, earning the band a Grammy in 2001 and 2007 and is considered by many to be among the best contemporary bands boasting a truly global fanbase.

Andrea Echeverri's solo side is proving to be just as solid as her work with Aterciopelados. On her third album  Ruiseñora, Echeveri contues to explore the issues close to her heart and spirit. The album has a more stripped-down feel, with many songs built around acoustic guitar and her heartfelt and strong vocals.



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