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Better than Hendrix?...Botswana guitar

Before you take it all the way into the realm of complaint, I must add the the title of this post is taken from the video itself so no offense if you're a part of the church of all things Hendrix. But hey, if it got you here, mission accomplished and the dude is killing it. And yes, despite the headwrap dude is not a lady. Apparently this "unknown" Botswana (official term of a person from Botswana (the country)) is actually Ronnie Moipolai and he's from the village of Kopong in the Kweneng district of Botswana,? about 30 miles west of the capital city, Gaborone. 

The style is definitely nothing new, it's very kwela-esque and sounds like South African guitar in general. But as I said dude is good, enjoy the video...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee