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Paste Magazine Lists The 10 Wisconsin Bands You Should Listen To Now

Everybody loves (to debate) top 10 lists especially when the lists involve music.  A few months ago, Paste Magazine started the 50 States Project, which features the top 10 bands of each state.  Yesterday, Paste Magazine listed the top 10 Wisconsin bands to listen to now.  5 of the 10 bands are from Milwaukee. It could be 5 1/2 bands if you count Collections of Colonies of Bees of Volcano Choir. Here is the list:

Blessed Feathers
Cory Chisel
Field Report (MKE)
Jaill (MKE)
Juniper Tar (MKE)
The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Trapper Schlepp and the Shades (MKE)
Vic and Gab (MKE)
Volcano Choir

What do you think? Who is missing? Let us know in the comments below.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee