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Urban Bee Farming

"Honeybees pollinate so much of the food we eat," says Charlie Koenen, Beekeeper, educator and friend to honeybees. "One in two/three bites is from honeybees."


With 1/3 of the honeybee population dying off in recent years, how will our favorite foods be pollinated and continue to grow? Urban bee farms could be one answer.


Thanks to a renewed interest in bees, urban bee farms have been popping up all over the city. Beepods are horizontal top-hives manufactured right here in Milwaukee. They are easier to manage and less disruptive for the bees inside. Honey is easier to harvest and the bees are able to create the kind of hives that suit them best.  And with a few educational classes, you could be on your way to managing your very own beehive.


Learn more about educational classes at Urban Ecology Center or take a tour of the Beepod on the rooftop of CORE/El Centro's rooftop garden during their Summer Farmer's Market.