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Brooklyn Gypsies

New is the order of the day every Wednesday and that's just as true when Sound Travels comes around. Started the day with a tune from the Brooklyn Gypsies called "Fafisa," the first single from an as-yet unnamed album on Wonderwheel Recordings. The group are 'Gypsies' in the sense that they all represent the nomadic spirit of a musical journey, incorporating a diversity of future sounds from many cultures into a new sense of rhythm.

With members hailing from Spain, Japan, Russia and the U.S., they found a common purpose in the creative hotbed of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The band, as an expression of that multitude of origins, fuses afro latin, flamenco, reggae, eastern european, dance electro & blues into heady sounds like the tune that started out Sound Travels trip for the day.

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee