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It's Tuesday... a Sound Travels story

All over the place on Tuesday. I played cuts from a wider sense of world and spread the love of many musics, many nations throughout our day. We went from South Africa to Jamaica to Central America and into the Caribbean for a hot lil Domican number. That's what a Sound Travels trip'll do and we started with the sunny sound of South African soul music, a style known as Umbaqanga and often even more simply as Zulu jive. As I said at the time, compilations are excellent starting points when exploring unknown styles or genres and I found the cut I played at 10am on a comp called Zulu Jive, Umbaqanga

At 11am, I played the brand new jam from Mr. Boombastic, aka Shaggy, who's back in a big way with a verrrrrry nice new release called Out of Many, One Music. It came out in mid September and has some strong collaborations like the song I played featuring Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley. Track's a burna...

One of my favorite world music releases of 2013 was where we went with the noon-time slot; I played a percussive, tribal-sounding cut of steamy Punta rock from The Garifuna Collective, whose new album Ayo is sublime, straight up! This one'll definitely be on my year-end bucket list of faves...

The last one was a Dominican tune from Chichi Peralta. First off, "Chichi" sounds like a pimp's name. A pimp or perhaps that one wierd uncle, you know the one who got the knickname you can't figure how he got. In any case, it's prolly common in the DR, but this tune isn't, it's uncommonly ood in fact and that's despite its poppy overtones. Tones stay in the right pocket however and for a tune that randomly caught my ear earlier this week, I thought why not? It's one o'clock, the day is bright, lemme burn a hot tune for the rhythm-lovers out there because why talk when you can dance...


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee