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Non-profit counsels first time homebuyers

Buying a home can be a long and frustrating process, and for first time home homebuyers, it can be intimidating.

But at Milwaukee's Housing Resources Inc., there's help. 

It all starts with education.

"We understood the importance of  in preparing buyers to purchase their first homes," said Executive Director Trina Bond.

The non-profit offers pre-sale counseling, classes in credit repair and foreclosure prevention, and explains the terms used in the mortgage industry, which are often confusing to first time buyers.  

And right now, with prices still at historic lows, it pays to buy.

"For many folks it's cheaper to own your own home. You are investing in somthing that's yours," Bond said.

Services are targeted at people with low to moderate incomes, but anyone can attend classes or get advice.

Housing Resources has offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine.  Events are planned for October and November.  Find a  full schedule here.

New this year, the organization is conducting a survey of seven neighborhoods.  The Neighborhood Impact Project, funded in part by the  Zilber Family Foundation, gives residents the chance to provide their input on the "resources and amenities" in the neighborhood and recommend changes, according to Assistant Executive Director Roxanne Defoe.  

The survey follows a national model already in place in other cities to improve the quality of life in targeted neighborhoods.

Right now research is being conducted in Capitol Heights, Enderis Park, Havenwoods, Johnson Park, Layton Boulevard West, Lincoln Village, Martin Drive, Sherman Park and Thurston Woods neighborhoods.

Click the podcast player abover to hear from Bond and Defoe.