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Tuesday roundup

Closed out Tuesday's Sound Travelling with some dope cuts from all over. At 11am we heard that new single from Italian reggae artist Alborosie. While his New album isn't nearly what 2010's Escape From Babylon was, it does feature a nice version of Bob Marley's "Zion Train" in a collaboration with Bob's son Ky-Mani Marley.

Our noon-time slot was a hot bit of afro-funk from a vintage Nigerian outfit known as the Nkengas. The Nkengas were pretty amazing when they did heavy funk and rock like the "Jungle Funk" tune I had. And their alter-ego, the more famous Ikengas, was known for some gritty highlife as well. I'll take the early version of this band anyday as this tune is pure fiyah!

Closed the days travels with a tune I used to deejay quite a bit back inna. A song from a time when it seemed there were all sorts of cats getting into a style or another that had little to do with the one most associated with their own. Like Italian lounge enthusiast and jazz arranger Nicola Conte. "Missione a Bombay" used to kill on the dancefloor back in the day and it closed our Sound Travellin day...


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