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Khmer in Dub! ...a new Dub Addiction

The thought of a South Asian, Cambodian pop tune rendered in dub is indeed a tasty thought. A thought that could have easily gone so wrong however dope its intentions. That's exactly what the band I played at the 11 spot did, and Dub Addiction really couldn't have gotten it more right. A lot of times, reggae hybrids fit in a neither/nor world that lend themslves to no particular set but Dub Addiction's blend of Khmer vocals on a deep dub-plates, dope dancehall riddims and socially-conscious themes manages to break convention even as it fits it. The track "Zunguzeng in Phnom Phen" does well by the dubbing, merging the exotic with the exotic into a chune that is pure fyah; a bassbin banger rocking a classic riddim made famous by the original Yellowman.

You better be good when you're the world's only Cambodian dub band. The mad bastard born from veteran reggae bassman Sebastian Adnot of French gypsy-jazz band Syce’ Swing, Phnom Phen hip hop producer Kinski and street urchin-turned-ragamuffin MC Curly not only gets the nod for airplay from me, but is on a fast-track for more than a few plays on many a mixtape as well as live DJ sets. This is what music would sound like if Jamaica invaded Cambodia and dropped jays instead of bombs-- ridiculously dope! The band has a couple of releases for 2013; the aptly-titled long-player Dub Addiction Meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown and equally apropos Cambodia EP. Pick 'em up, you won't be disappointed!

Zunguzeng - DUB ADDICTION from Cambodia from Amit Dubey on Vimeo.


Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee