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Discover New Music from the DJs of 88Nine

On Monday we held our weekly music meeting here at 88nine Radio Milwaukee. It works like this: Every member of the programming team picks out some hot tracks that we have been listening to in the previous week, we all gather in the studio, and we listen. It’s a chance for all of us to stay on the ball musically. We make sure that we are on top of the newest/latest so that we can give you the cream of that crop. Four of the tracks get added to New Music Wednesday, some of them you will hear more frequently on airwaves, and some of them just get pushed to the wayside. But, the fact is, these are great songs that we are all very attached to and put work and love into curating.  We all feel like they deserve the love that we gave them, so now, we give them to you. Get down with it. These songs slipped out of the holes of our pockets, through the cracks of the mainstream and into the musical the underground. Pick ‘em up. Brush ‘em off. Put them in your pocket.

I’m going to start off with my song. The song that I chose was Little Bo Bitch by Nobunny. Nobunny is a rabbit masked marauder who combines rock ‘n’ roll chord progressions with a head of lo-fi fuzz to create a sound that is familiar and new all at the same time.  Nobunny is also coming to the Miramar theater this Sunday. I have seen him twice before, and both shows were some of the best I have ever been to. The man has stage presence. His performance “outfit” is a beaten down bunny mask, an extra small leather jacket, and black briefs. That’s it. I’ll see you in the front row.

Listen if you like: Hunx and his Punks, Iggy and the Stooges, 60’s sludge guitar riffs



Kat always brings some firepower to these meetings. This week she had one that still has me grooving. It’s the seriously cool sounding Sweater Beats with the song Do It For Me.

Listen if you like: early AlunaGeorge, Joywave, electronic music with female singers



Jordan is our Assistant Program Director. With that duty, he listens to tons of music and also brings tons to the meeting. But, in the interest of brevity, I am narrowing his selections down to one. That song being the new track from Los Campesinos! Its called Avacado, baby.

Listen if you like: Johnny Foreigner, Slow Club, high energy pop music.



Sarah sometimes makes the meetings, and sometimes is too busy with underwriting, but when she is there we always know we are going to get a dose of soul. This week she brought in the new single from John Newman. John Newman is a bit of a mystery in the United States. He is the #1 selling artist in England right now, but just can’t seem to find his place on the US charts. Check the new song, Cheating, and bring this artist stateside.

Listen if you like: Adele, Jamie Lidell, blue eyed soul



Finally, Nate Imig. The dancing would not stop. The song is Another Day by Carousel. I will spare you the really cheesy official music video and just post this one with the album cover.

Listen if you like: Glittery club pop