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An Interesting Interview with The National

Interviewing a musician is difficult. It is hard for the interviewer to get past the standard, "How does this album compare to the last one?" etc. and its hard for the musician to reach the depth that is required for a good interview.

Pete Holmes breaks the barrier. He is a comedian by trade, but his real strength is conversation. His podcast, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, is an open book into Pete’s life. He reveals personal information that one usually reserves for only intimate relationships. Quickly, he makes you feel like a friend. He does it with his guests too, and it leads to interviews that are more like confessionals, or therapy sessions, or conversations that you have 10 beers in, at 3AM, that you start by waiving your arms and saying, “Okay, real talk.”

This week, instead of having a comedian or actor on the show, Pete had Matt Beringer of the band The National on the podcast. In the interview they get past songwriting technique and reach real depth with one another. Pete gets to Beringer’s world view, personal outlook, and thought out philosophies.  

Listen to it here

In the interview, they talk about a new documentary that the National are featured in, and that Beringer's brother directed. Here is the trailer. 




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