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Islands of Brilliance

For kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning in a regular classroom setting can be difficult. They may have trouble communicating, reading social cues or may be hyper-focused on subjects that interest them at the exclusion of everything else.


Islands of Brilliance is a new program that finds a way to harness the interests of ASD kids by matching them up with their natural interest in technology. Each kids gets paired with a mentor that is an expert in the field of digital technology. During the 5-week course, these volunteer mentors work one-on-one with their student to create a project (poster, book, website) using subject material special to each kid.


Mark Fairbanks started the program in 2012, partnering with Discovery World to use their computer labs. Now in its second year, Islands of Brilliance has expanded to a second location with more classes available to help more kids.


Find out more about Islands of Brilliance here



Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee