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Ana Tijoux strikes again! First listen "Vengo"

Grammy-nominated and a Sound Travels favorite, Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux's rise to prominence has been swift. Since 2010's breakthrough 1977, featuring the ultra-catchy "1977" (which is catchy despite/because you know...whole rapping in Spanish, which of course, you may or may not know but if you know that song you know you now know "mil noveciento setenta") Tijoux's been getting that buzz. The song was memorably featured in the show  Breaking Bad, and earned her all the right liscencing connections and millions of Youtube views. She followed that up with the critically-acclaimed La Bala in 2012, an album that was quite strong but lacked a hit. Fast forward to the present and the gift is here on her brand new single "Vengo." It's a tightly-rapped, West-Coast sounding funky banger. I got your listen right here...


The new album Vengo, is out on March 18th on Nacional Records; "Vengo" the first single is out now on iTunes. 

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