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This is Awesome! Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta

So at the end of Sound Travels on Wednesday you were probly wondering WTF was that awesome latin tune Marcus played. I only say that because that was pretty much my reaction when I sort of stumbled on the latest from  Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta. I heard Mambo Mexicana and had that feeling, like love, but so unexpected it somehow seems like it's even more primal, more important. Never mind that Mambo Mexicana came out in 2012, this was playing today!

What is it? "Indie Mambo" is the term coined by the band's namesake and frontman, Sergio Mendoza and it's apt. While performing in his native Tuscon, Arizona, he was invited to participate in an event called "The Great cover Up" where he had Cuban eccentric Perez Prado to cover. The ensuing batch of cumbia-infected Latin psych-rock inspired more than that performance, but seeded the band that would use this as their template. So dope! And their unique style could do for mambo what the Dap-Tones did for funk. So yes, I had to play it for you. These are the moments, I hope you shared it with me.

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