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5 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To

88nine is the place to go for new music. If you feel like your playlist is getting a little stale, and you already played out last week’s album, this column is for you. Every week, our DJs have been listen to the newest/latest. We get albums from distributors, local musicians, and music blogs like this one. Each week we broadcast four new songs on  New Music Wednesday, but that's just not enough new music. These songs are great, and a lot of effort went into selecting them. We dug them, so we thought you might dig them.

YACHT- Plastic Soul

YACHT is a  band/ideology/religion/art project. At their shows they sell book that they wrote titled The Secret teachings of the Mystery Lights by YACHT. They were born in Oregon, live in L.A., and refer to Martha, Texas as their “spiritual home” all of which, combined, form what they refer to as The Western American Utopian Triangle. Their music is rigidly electronic and surprisingly rhythmic.

Listen if you like LCD Soundsystem, Yea Yea Yeas, and Dirty Projectors. New album is TBD.



Thievery Corporation- Depth Of My Soul

Depth of My Soul by Thievery Corporation is cinematic, smooth, airy, languid, and listless. It’s the kind of song that you want to hear if you find yourself in an upscale bar, sipping on a martini, and looking longingly, yet confidently at a person across the room. Thievery Corporation’s new album, Saudade, will be released on their own record label, ESL, on April 1 st.

Listen if you like: Nancy Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, old Italian film scores



Angelique Kidjo ft. Asa – Eva

“Eva” is a very soft song. It starts off slow and smooth, then it picks up during the chorus adding instrumentation and background vocals of sweet rhythmic harmonies and chants of traditional women choirs throughout Benin. That rollercoaster feeling carries the song. Angelique Kidjo is from Benin, where the national languages are Fon and Yoruba, and this song is bilingual, with the slower and softer parts in English and the faster parts in her national language. The song is on her album, Eve, which came out January 28 of this year. Kidjo dedicated it to the resilience and beauty of the women of Africa.



MED x Blu feat. Mayer Hawthorne- The Buzz

Early in 2013, MED and Blu released an EP called The Burgundy, and on November 26, MED and Blu joined forces again to release their second EP called The Buzz by Bang Ya Head.  The Buzz, produced by collaborator Madlib, also features artist Dam-Funk along with Mayer Hawthorne.  This group of artists makes for an impressive collaboration.  MED, Blu, & Madlib lay down this new smooth cut, “The Buzz,” a feel-good, hip-hop track featuring soulful vocals from Stones Throw Records', Mayer Hawthorne, which seamlessly blends in with the duo’s verses.



Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

“I Miss Your Bones” is a bit more upbeat for a song nostalgic song about missing someone. It is very catchy and will probably have you repeating every word after you hear it. It’s an Indie pop toe-tapper that we can’t stop listening to. Hospitality is with Merge Records and their sophomore album, Trouble, dropped just last month.