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First Listen! New music from Rodrigo y Gabriela

The forthcoming album from Mexico's Rodrigo y Gabriela may have taken 5 years to make, but spans at least 800 years in terms of its inspirations.  9 Dead Alive, will be the duo's first in a half of a decade and is set for an April 29th release on ATO Records. The lead single, "The Soundmaker," is available now however and was what was on Sound Travels today.

"The Soundmaker" is a tribute to Antonio de Torres Jurado, a Spanish luthier from the 18th century, who was for the guitar in many ways what the Stradivari were for the violin. A fitting muse for a duo that makes a livin' finger pickin'. Though Jurado is inspiration for the first single and the album as a whole, every song on the 9-track release is similarly tied to a figure of musical prominence, making listening to their latest a jorney into history as well as their new sound. A sound, judging from the first single, that is fresh terrain for a duo that has made their money blazing trails and bringing classical guitar int a modern light.





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