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5 Songs We Can't Stop Listening To

This week was another great week for music, and 88Nine is your home if you want to discover new music. Every week, our DJs have been listening to the newest/latest. We get albums from distributors, local musicians, and music blogs like this one. Each week we broadcast four new songs on  New Music Wednesday, but that's just not enough new music. These songs are great, and a lot of effort went into selecting them. We dug them, so we thought you might dig them.

L’Orange feat. Def Jux and Mr. Lif-  The Lost Nova

Before even getting into the song, recent Mello Music Group signee L’Orange takes you into a noir-like 1950s world, telling an interesting narrative through old samples and setting the mood for the slick beat that is about to break out from it. Featured on Mello Music Group’s latest compilation release, L’Orange once again proves why he is unlike his other peers as the sleek sax drop that happens after former Def Jux signee Mr. Lif’s verse comes pleasantly and seemingly out of nowhere. Check out the track below and prepare to be taken into the ever continuing narrative structure that L’Orange has created throughout most of his other tracks.   –Jake Kestly



Tiny Hearts- Snow Cold

The song Snow Cold by Tiny Hearts sounds like something that you might hear at a basement listening party of an electronic producer after you had drinks at a bar under the J train in New York. That is probably because that is how the group Tiny Hearts was formed in 2012. After their premier on BBC1 in the same year, they have been featured on KCRW, NPR, and 88Nine’s own Are You Feeling This?. Dede Reynolds ice cold voice makes this song as cool as it can be. Listen to this on a nighttime drive.        –Justin Barney



Trust- We Are Arc

The first two singles on the second full length album by electro-goth duo, Trust, are Capitol and Rescue, Mister. They are synth heavy, club thumping, attention grabbers, but oddly enough they haven’t been the tracks that are grabbing us. Are We Arc, a slowly building, well-balanced mood piece has our attention. The track plays on the strength of the low male vocalist’s sludgy meter, and the female vocalists higher range that descends like fog on the dancefloor of the chorus. Label Arts and Crafts described their new album, Joyland,  as, “an eruption of guts, eels, and joy.” We can’t wait to hear it on March 4 th.     –Justin Barney



Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game

Australian native, Nicholas Murphy, aka Chet Faker, is a soulful electronic musician and producer.  He decided to team up again with fellow DJ, Harley Streten, aka Flume, who is also an Australian electronic musician and producer.  The duo collaborated and released an EP together last November 26 with Future Classic, called The Lockjaw EP.  “Drop the Game,” featured on their EP, is a prime example of their seamless, cohesiveness.  The combination of Chet Faker & Flume proves to be quite the mash up, because the end result is truly intoxicating.  Deep, meaningful lyrics are made even more powerful with the help of the soulful vocals, blending perfectly with the instrumentals.  The video is also impressive; a talented Brooklyn dancer interprets the song in a dark and mysterious way—check out the video below.    –Elise Conlin



St. Lucia- All Eyes On You

St. Lucia, the stage name of Jean-Philip Grobler, is a South African born, Brooklyn based electronic pop musician.  His most recent work is his When the Night album, which was released back in October with Neon Gold Records.  This one-man band provides texture, depth, and variety that comes off as effortless, and his shimmering synths make for powerful and dreamy songs.  St. Lucia gained his training with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, and finds inspiration from the rhythm of his roots and travels.  His tracks have been receiving a great deal of positive attention, especially “All Eyes on You.”  Escape into his dream world, and give this catchy song a listen.    –Elise Conlin