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Hard Work Pays Off: Jay Trilogy

Jay Trilogy.

It’s hard to believe this young dude is only 16 years old. His music demonstrates his passion for hip hop because his sound is very 90’s. Clearly, he’s done his homework and gone back to listen to and see what hip hop was from the late 80’s into the 90’s. A lot of people say that’s when hip hop was at its peak.

Jay Trilogy would probably agree. In every line he writes and every verse he spits, he pays homage to that era. In the song “ In My Head” performed with Michael Knight, he describes himself as a workaholic and says that everything he wears it symbolic. Those thoughts take the hip hop fanatic back to that pinnacle era in the game when each word in each line used to mean something to the emcee, when verses had substance, when songs told stories to the audience, when rappers were actually artists and the industry stood for more than just making money. Although, it is coming back, it’s still a little rare to see at this point, especially at such a young age.

You can learn a little more about him on his song, “ Real,” which you might find on the mixtape he’s working on called Ambivalence Volume 2. The song was produced by EOM. As for a label, Jay Trilogy is currently with First Class Entertainment. Don’t sleep on this up-and-coming workaholic.



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