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Atmosphere Announces New Album, Southsiders; Shares New Song and Video

The Minneapolis hip hop duo Atmosphere are back with a new album called Southsiders, which will released on May 7 via Rhymesayers.  Atmosphere also shared the first track and video from the album called "Bitter." The video was inspired by the harsh winter. 

"due to how long and brutal this winter has been, we decided to get together with a bunch of friends and play in the snow. here is the footage. the temperature this day was below 0. we hope you watch this when you are warm and cozy somewhere on a beach."



The album also features a track by the name of "Kanye West." Check out the rest of the tracklisting below.

01 Camera Thief
02 Arthur's Song
03 The World Might Not Live Through the Night
04 Star Shaped Heart
05 I Love You Like a Brother
06 Southsiders
07 Bitter
08 Mrs. Interpret
09 Fortunate
10 Kanye West
11 We Ain't Gonna Die Today
12 My Lady Got Two Men
13 Flicker
14 January on Lake Street
15 Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

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