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88Nine's 2014 Mardi Gras Party

You throw in some good eats from Maxies, two bands with a lot of jazz. Oh, and did I mention Milwaukee’s Largest King cake? You get one hell of a hot climate; despite what the temperatures tell you. Thirsty Tuesday was converted into a Mardi Gras celebration held by 88Nine Radio Miwaukee.

For starters who doesn't want their night off with a drink entitled Hurricane, were you warned they were heavy on the booze?  I mean, it is Mardi Gras, although we only had a night to celebrate, If Maxi’s pulled pork, corn bread (THE MOST MOIST CORN BREAD EVER DARE I SAY) and vegetarian gumbo didn’t tickle your fancy I’m sure Extra Crispy Brass Banddid. ECBB, Milwaukee’s assembled seven-piece lineup, New Orleans style jazz band, got people moving. From personal experience I felt like I had too much coffee, and I didn’t want to stop moving, even if it was just a little shoulder action however every now and then you need to take a breath, and eat a piece of cake, right? Especially if it happens to be a piece of Milwaukee’s largest King Cake made by Maxie’s with a twist. The lucky individuals to find the “babies” won goodie bags, instead of hosting the party next year. I mean, why change hosts, 88Nine knows how to throw a party.

So after a slice of heaven, a few more Hurricanes and we were all ready for Herman Astro to take the stage. A Milwaukee based band with some real funk. Mix along with jazz, Latin influences and their front man, Zachary Pluer dazzling personality, it kept the night going strong. The only thing left was to catch up with your friends, coworkers, try to remember that strangers name that keeps talking to you and keep enjoying the heat. Before it all ended and you had to step outside to single digits weather. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee