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Brett Dennen Studio Milwaukee Session

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting folk singer and songwriter, Brett Dennen in our 88.9 session studio. Playing later that night at the Turner Hall Ballroom, Brett along with his back-up guitarists and vocalists, John Solo and Jamie McLean, gave the audience a sneak preview of the feel-good vibe and nostalgic rhythms coming later.

Starting off with the up-beat single, “Wild Child”, Brett immediately set the tone for the session. The twangy guitar riffs along with Dennen’s distinct vocals had the crowd tapping their feet and singing along. The trio then slowed the mood down with the lesser-known “Who Am I” from their latest CD, “Smoke and Mirrors.” Dennen then capped the session with his nostalgic summertime- feeling hit, “When we were Young.” The group vibed with the audience so well that Dennen insisted on playing an unplanned bonus track, “Sydney (I’ll come Running)” before leaving to prepare for the show later that evening.

Between each song, Dennen answered questions and let the audience get to know the person behind the songs. It was clear in the several minutes of discussion that Brett, with his child- like nature and charm, is completely comfortable with himself as a person and an artist. He asserts that he is ok with people judging his voice and realizes that it is not for everyone. Dennen is comfortable in his own skin, and his confidence showed in his performance this afternoon. It is clear that Brett is always going to be his fun-loving self and the audience today really identified with it.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee