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Freaky folk lover? Try Quilt | on World Cafe Tuesday March 18th

You may be thinking about putting yours away as winter seems to be finally breaking, but I've got one you'll like that's perfect for spring. The Quilt in question are actually a great group crafting indie psych-folk, and currently getting some serious love from tastemakers and fans alike at this year's SXSW. Not only that, but the band is set to appear on tomorrow night's World Cafe with David Dye.

Quilt is an East coast group that has been working the underground indie basement scene for a few years, jamming relentlessly and along the way honing a sound based on a freedom of purpose; letting the songs become songs rather than forcing their work into forms. And the result is a very un-forced sound; rather than trying to be a particulaer thing, their sound is it's own thing. Fans of Devendra Banhart and whole freak-folk thing will likely find a frind in Quilt. The band has an effortless retro feel that seems less calculated than most bands that dabble in the vintage.

Quilts' first studio release, Held In Splendor came out in late January and is a marked departure from the lo-fi cassette sound of their last few releases and show the band with just a touch of refinement. Showcasing some sweet three part harmonies, mantra blues and sunny, cliche-free psychedelic moments. This music is pretty hipster if ever heard it, but it's also quite pretty; be your own judge, I definitely dig it...



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