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Dogs in Ecstasy New Digital Release

Dogs in Ecstasy, Milwaukee’s very own lo-fi garage band has released 2 new songs for digital download. “I Google Myself” and “I’m a Man”, released on March 14 th are the band’s first release since their digital album entitled “Dat Cruel God” back in October of 2013. These 2 new tracks may represent the band’s move into a new age sound both instrumentally and lyrically.

“I Google Myself” has a more upbeat quality that is absent from previous tracks. With a slightly cleaner sound and higher use of electronic instruments, Dogs in Ecstasy delivers a song that will get stuck in your head for days. Conversely, “I’m a Man” is more fitting of the band’s garage roots. The track features the heavy drums and distorted guitar that fans have come to expect. Akin to previous releases by Dogs in Ecstasy, “I’m a Man” just makes you feel grimy in the best way possible.

Despite small tweaks to their sound in “I Google Myself”, Dogs in Ecstasy retain their “self-deprecating” sense of humor. In what seems to be an ironic commentary on our self-obsessed digital culture, the band highlights the average person’s need to feel wanted online. With pleading lyrics like “please just tag me in a post” and the singer’s impulsive habit of googling his own name, the songs reek of desperation. I would like to think these 2 singles as pieces of satire aimed at highlighting the pathetic desire for human connection in a computerized world. As the band hyperbolizes, “how will my daughter ever love me if the software doesn’t recognize my face?”In the spirit of these songs, I ask that you log off your computers and check out Dogs in Ecstasy on Friday, March 28 th at the Cactus Club.

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Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee