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Coder Nights creates a community for the tech savvy

Ever wanted to learn how to write code? Have an idea for a cool new app? There's a new community study group in Milwaukee that can help you with that. Coder Nights strives to create a community for the tech-savvy. Held every third Tuesday evening at 96square in downtown Milwaukee, Coder Nights connects programmers with local startups that need technical support.  The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming to people of all skill-sets.

"There might be someone who hasn't written a line of code ever," says Brennan Stehling, organizer of Coder Nights. "They come here and get a little bit of moral support as they go. Some people are very experienced and want to try something new."

Stehling says, the best way to work with tech is to come up with a project you care about and bring it to Coder Nights. There will be someone there with the knowledge ready to help you learn how to turn your ideas into working projects.

There's no cost to attend Coder Nights, just a willingness to share ideas and share your tech knowledge with others. Information on the monthly study sessions found online here.


Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee