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Fly Rasta! Ziggy Marley's new album

For whatever reason, I often overlook the eldest of Bob Marley's musical progeny, preferring the slick style of Damian, the urgent militancy of Stephen or even the un-prolific Julian. Then I'll listen to some Ziggy Marley, and always seem to be reminding myself how solid his music really is. It's almost a begrudging respect, but one that's always due because Ziggy keeps coming through. Apart from the multiple Grammy's, his forays into the world of children's music is a stroke genius and will likely pay serious dividends as well, but his regular (for adults) releases are pretty worthwhile as well.

Good news is that Ziggy Marley is getting ready to release a new one, Fly Rasta is Ziggy's 5th studio release and is set for release on April 15th on Tuff Gong Worldwide. The Album features some old Wailer bandmembers and family; Cedell and Sharon Marley as well as Rica Newell. A massive North American tour is in the works as well, so stay tuned.

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