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Proph- Still Milwaukee's Hip Hop Artist

Hip Hop artist Proph may have moved from Milwaukee, but he still keeps his hometown close to his heart. Proph, formerly known as Prophetic, was born and raised in Milwaukee and got his first start in the Milwaukee music scene. Starting back in the early 2010’s his music was featured prominently on Radio Milwaukee and was a hip hop staple at local music venues and universities. Proph since this time has subsequently moved from his hometown to Los Angeles and Nashville in order to pursue his dream of making it big. The rapper appears to be well on his way. Proph has gained a national following by performing alongside superstars such as Kid Cudi and N.E.R.D. Proph’s time in L.A. has also led to name exposure opportunities with features on popular television shows. You have most likely heard his music without even realizing it on programs such as ESPN, Next Top Model, and The Jersey Shore.

The time spent abroad may have been just what the up and coming rapper needed to revitalize his career. Back in 2013, Proph dropped his Eat Alone album that showed great strides of progress as a hip hop artist. Look no further than his track “Never Say Good Bye” as an example of his musical development. Proph not only focuses on the words in his songs, but also creates a comprehensive musical experience for his listeners with this track. Listening further, the song “Jordans” (in the player above) is proof that his time away has not impacted his ability to deliver powerful lyrics about his upbringing. Despite being released a year ago, the album seems to be gaining traction. Proph is currently shooting the music video for the track “Other Side” out in Los Angeles. The future seems to be bright for the Milwaukee hip hop artist.  

Despite becoming more widely recognized and physically further from home, Proph still carries his roots wherever he goes. His Facebook page is littered with shout-outs to his hometown. Earlier this month Proph represented Milwaukee at South by Southwest music festival by performing on the Milwaukee Home Stage. It is clear that while Proph still takes residence away from home, he still remains Milwaukee’s own. We expect big things from Proph and hope he never forgets where he came from. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee