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True Skool connects through Hip Hop

"The love of music and art is in every person," says Shalina Ali, Program Director for True Skool. "It's a way to tap into people on a different level. It's a universal language."

True Skool is a non-profit, engaging youth in Milwaukee's social justice issues as they teach humanities and civic engagement and require them to participate in community service.  The common thread that brings True Skool youths 14 to 19 years old together is their love of all things Hip Hop.

Ali says that their students come to True Skool for all different reasons. Some have been court ordered because they got into a little trouble. Some because of the lack of access to arts in their schools. "They come in for this small idea of what they want from us and they end up getting so involved in the program, they walk out leaders in their community".

All this year, True Skool celebrates their 10th Anniversary by hosting a series of events, film/documentary screenings, workshops and community murals. Check out the story above as I visited True Skool during one of their movie screenings. The subject matter may surprise you. 

Director of Digital Content | Radio Milwaukee